Settembre 2018

18 Settembre 2018

European dog owner perceptions of obesity and factors associated with human and canine obesity

Muñoz-Prieto A1, Nielsen LR2, Dąbrowski R3, Bjørnvad CR4, Söder J5, Lamy E6, Monkeviciene I7, Ljubić […]
12 Settembre 2018

Parasternal toracotomy: a new mini-invasive approach to the pericardium

Frizzi, M. ; D’Ettorre, P. ; Bertolini, G. ; Angeloni, L. Author Affiliation: Dipartimento di […]
4 Settembre 2018

Use of acute phase proteins for the clinical assessment and management of canine leishmaniosis: general recommendations

Ceron JJ1, Pardo-Marin L2, Caldin M3, Furlanello T3, Solano-Gallego L4, Tecles F2, Bernal L2, Baneth […]