Marzo 2009

12 Marzo 2009

Serum acute phase protein concentrations in dogs with hyperadrenocorticism with and without concurrent inflammatory conditions

Caldin M, Tasca S, Carli E, Bianchini S, Furlanello T, Martinez-Subiela S, Cerón JJ. Serum acute […]
6 Marzo 2009

Hematologic abnormalities and flow cytometric immunophenotyping results in dogs with hematopoietic neoplasia: 210 cases (2002-2006)

Tasca S, Carli E, Caldin M, Menegazzo L, Furlanello T, Gallego LS. Hematologic abnormalities and flow […]
2 Marzo 2009

Detection of erythrocyte binding IgM and IgG by flow cytometry in sick dogs with Babesia canis canis or Babesia canis vogeli infection

Carli E, Tasca S, Trotta M, Furlanello T, Caldin M, Solano-Gallego L. Detection of erythrocyte binding […]