Feline vertebral angiomatosis: two cases

Massimo Frizzi1, Nicola Ottolini3, Claudia Spigolon4 and Giovanna Bertolini2
Feline vertebral angiomatosis: two cases
Scarica articolo integrale


Case series summary Two cats aged between 1 and 2 years were presented for paraparesis, general discomfort, back pain and urinary retention. Extradural spinal cord compression at the level of T4 and T8 was evident on CT examination and on MRI. Hemilaminectomy and partial corpectomy were performed to achieve spinal cord decompression. Histopathology of the abnormal bone tissue was suggestive of vertebral angiomatosis. After initially worsening, both cats recovered their normal gait and functional urination. Both cats have been followed-up for >1 year, without any recurrence. Relevance and novel information This is the first report of vertebral angiomatosis with complete data (CT, MRI, surgical procedures, histopathology and >1 year follow-up) and provides important information about the prognosis of this rare vascular malformation.

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